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Greece: MFRR denounces detention and intimidation of Documento journalist in Athens

The International Press Institute, as part of the MFRR, condemns the detention and intimidation of journalist Antonis Rigopoulos as he was covering a protest in Athens and called on the Interior Ministry and the Hellenic Police to ensure all officers are trained not to hinder the work of the media.

Antonis Rigopoulos who works for the media outlets Documento and Koutipandoras.gr was detained at approximately 3pm on 17 November when he was covering a rally in commemoration of the 1973 Polytechnic University student uprising against the military dictatorship.

IPI raised concern that, according to reports, officers repeatedly refused to acknowledge the reporter’s “press” ID when it was presented. The MFRR calls for an internal investigation into the alleged abuse and intimidation suffered by Rigopoulos while he was held in a police station.