The MFRR deploys a systematic and comprehensive monitoring of press and media violations in all EU member states and candidate countries to guide and direct all responses to defend press and media freedom and protect journalists and media workers. All threats can be viewed on the Mapping Media Freedom platform and form the basis of our legal, protection and advocacy work across the continent. By capturing and presenting every threat, whether legal, physical, psychological or a form of censorship, the MFRR encourages further advocacy and public support for greater protections for all journalists and media workers.  

MFRR’s monitoring work is led by ECPMF, IPI and EFJ and is based on a continent-wide network of experts, journalists, policy makers and other key partners to collect, document and verify all threats.

Mapping Media Freedom

Central to our monitoring work is the Mapping Media Freedom Platform that captures, represents and visualises threats to journalists and media workers, submitted by partners, watch dogs and members of the public. This platform offers an unprecedented picture into the threats to press and media freedom in all EU member states and candidate countries. By publishing the results of our monitoring we are also establishing a foundation for further public advocacy work, exposing violations and demonstrating the need for political, physical and legal protections for press and media freedom.

We invite everyone to submit a threat to ensure we can protect every journalist or press worker in EU member states or candidate countries. Your involvement will strengthen this work and ensure that the project can respond to all threats we receive.

Mapping Media Freedom: A Four-Month Snapshot

EFJ and IPI, supported by ECPMF, have compiled a report analysing the first 4-months of the MFRR, charting a worrying decline in media freedom in EU Member States and Candidate Countries.

The monitoring report compiled by European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) and International Press Institute (IPI), with support from ECPMF, gives unprecedented insight into the threats to media freedom in EU member states and Candidate Countries. Within the monitored period from March to June a total of 120 alerts were registered on the Mapping Media Freedom platform from two-thirds of the countries covered by the MFRR.

Key trends including the COVID-19 Pandemic (and governments’ responses to this crisis) and the dangers from demonstrators and police officers for journalists and media workers covering protesters and demonstrations.

Mapping Media Freedom 2.0

In partnership with Institute for Applied Informatics at the University of Leipzig (InfAI), the MFRR will develop Mapping Media Freedom 2.0, which will automatically analyse and collate alerts about press and media freedom violations from online published news and social media. Once they have been verified by a network of experts, these alerts will expand the reach and efficacy of the MFRR’s monitoring process to enable it to respond more effectively across the continent.

Legal monitoring

Journalists and press workers are threatened with costly, time-intensive and damaging legal actions across the continent. The MFRR and our partners will monitor court actions to ensure due process and international legal norms are followed, demonstrate solidarity with the defendants, their colleagues and families and establish a basis for future advocacy, legal and practical support.

Council of Europe Platform

MFRR partners also upload a number of alerts to the Council of Europe Platform to promote the protection of journalism and safety of journalists.