Occupied Ukraine: Media reporting in the shadow of Russian forces

Two years after 24 February 2022, the MFRR partners investigate what occupation means for media. How do Ukrainian journalists continue to report on regions they cannot travel to? What happened to media outlets in towns and cities now under Russian control?

The true cost of journalism: Ongoing impunity cases in Europe

During the latest MFRR webinar, marking the sixth anniversary of the murder of Ján Kuciak and Martina Kušnírová, panellists will discuss ongoing impunity cases for crimes against journalists in Europe with a spotlight on Slovakia, Turkey, and Serbia.

Webinar: Assessing the state of press freedom in Greece

On 30 January, international media freedom groups will hold a webinar and press conference to mark the publication of a major report assessing the landscape for press freedom and independent journalism in Greece, following a mission to Athens in September 2023.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Media Freedom in Survival Mode

In this MFRR webinar, speakers will discuss the findings of a recent press freedom fact-finding mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Webinar – Assessing the quiet press freedom gains in Bulgaria

In this webinar on press freedom in Bulgaria organised by the MFRR, we’ll hear from a leading newspaper editor, a media expert and press freedom advocate, and one of the country’s top media lawyers about the major developments in the country in the last year.

Funding favourable coverage? Big tech’s influence over independent journalism

The latest MFRR webinar will examine the undue influence of big tech companies over independent media through philanthropic funding mechanisms and their possible impact on press freedom and editorial independence.

Media freedom in Serbia: A deepening crisis

To mark World Press Freedom Day, the MFRR is holding a webinar to take a closer look at the conditions which have allowed a hostile climate for independent media to thrive in Serbia.

One year of war: The true cost of journalism

One year on from the killing of journalist Yevhenii Sakun in Ukraine, this webinar will examine the impact the war has had on press freedom, remember those who lost their lives, and discuss what more needs to be done to support free and independent media in Ukraine in its hour of need.

Threats to independent public service media in Central Europe

In this webinar, speakers will discuss the latest developments in public service media in the Czech Republic and Slovenia, explore parallels in the challenges faced, and asses the ongoing legislative efforts to insulate their country’s public broadcasters against future illiberal attacks.

Justice Delayed: Insights from Impunity Cases Across Europe

Throughout this webinar, we will hear from speakers with close ties to journalists who paid the ultimate price for their vital and critical reporting, hoping to understand how to end impunity for crimes against journalists.