Funding favourable coverage? Big tech’s influence over independent journalism

The latest MFRR webinar will examine the undue influence of big tech companies over independent media through philanthropic funding mechanisms and their possible impact on press freedom and editorial independence.

Media freedom in Serbia: A deepening crisis

To mark World Press Freedom Day, the MFRR is holding a webinar to take a closer look at the conditions which have allowed a hostile climate for independent media to thrive in Serbia.

One year of war: The true cost of journalism

One year on from the killing of journalist Yevhenii Sakun in Ukraine, this webinar will examine the impact the war has had on press freedom, remember those who lost their lives, and discuss what more needs to be done to support free and independent media in Ukraine in its hour of need.

Threats to independent public service media in Central Europe

In this webinar, speakers will discuss the latest developments in public service media in the Czech Republic and Slovenia, explore parallels in the challenges faced, and asses the ongoing legislative efforts to insulate their country’s public broadcasters against future illiberal attacks.

Justice Delayed: Insights from Impunity Cases Across Europe

Throughout this webinar, we will hear from speakers with close ties to journalists who paid the ultimate price for their vital and critical reporting, hoping to understand how to end impunity for crimes against journalists.

The EC Recommendation on journalists’ safety: A view from the field one year on

The EC Recommendation on journalists' safety: A view from the field one year on 21 September, 14:00 CEST. On 16 September 2021, the European Commission published their Recommendation on the protection, safety and empowerment of journalists. The Recommendation illustrated the European Commission's commitment to the safety of journalists and set out a range of measures

Rule of Law in decline: Media freedom in Hungary and Poland

19. July – 14:00 CET // Following the publication of the European Commission’s annual Rule of Law Report, the Media Freedom Rapid Response (MFRR) will host a webinar with policy makers and experts for a closer look at this year’s findings. The event will focus in particular on Hungary and Poland. Panellists will consider the problem as well as the way(s) forward for improving media freedom and the rule of law at the domestic and regional levels.