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Briefing to the UK Government on good practice to…

The MFRR outlines good practice from EU Member States and Candidate Countries to protect journalists and media workers that can inform the UK Government’s work to establish the National Committee for the Safety of Journalists

Journalists and media workers need to be protected when…

MFRR partners share a statement condemning the threats and attacks against journalists and media workers when covering demonstrations and protests in Germany, France, Slovenia, Greece, Spain, Poland and Italy. The MFRR calls for increased protection for media freedom across Europe from protestors, unknown 3rd parties and police officers to ensure they are free to continue their work informing the public.


Missions Working with partners, the MFRR will lead a range of fact-finding, fast response and advocacy missions across EU member states and candidate countries. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these missions will be replaced with virtual missions to ensure we can still hold states and other entities to account during this unprecedented period. The missions will